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Trusted since 1947, Gliptone Inc. the innovator of GT Quartz, offers a full line of premium automotive reconditioning products. Under the leadership of Rocco Caporaso, the brand has grown into a worldwide leader of product formulations. With a constant passion to elevate the reconditioning industry to new heights Gliptone, using the latest technologies, has developed the GT Quartz line of Nano Ceramic Coatings, along with a supportive program to ensure the success of every Authorized Application Center.


Nano Ceramic Coatings are completely different from traditional carnauba waxes and other paint sealants. Traditional waxes provide excellent depth of gloss and protection to the surface, but when exposed to environmental contaminants, sunlight, rain, snow, and repeated washings, average protection is typically up to 90 days. Nano Ceramic Coatings bond to the surface to provide enhanced paint protection that takes years to wear down.


Our Nano Ceramic Coatings are based on Nanotechnology, which is the science of working with very small particles, defined as 1 billionth of a meter or smaller. Gliptone’s Nano Ceramic Coatings are made with a base of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2), with our premier product enriched with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Silicon Dioxide is most commonly found in nature as Quartz and when formulated into a ceramic coating, a chemical bond is created with the surface. The fact that it has been made in Nano scale allows it to fill in the microscopic pores in your factory clear coat. What does all this mean? It means Nano Ceramic Coatings create a strong protective surface that is semi-permanent, super hydrophobic, easier to clean and maintain, and significantly enhances the appearance of both gloss and matte finishes.


The Major Benefits of Ceramic Coatings are their deep gloss, durability, resistance to chemicals and environmental contaminates. The most noted benefit people appreciate after application is the self-cleaning characteristics.